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Tips to Keep Summer Brides Cool.

By November 7, 2012 No Comments

Summer is a great time of year to get married, especially if you love the heat and the spectactular sunsets. Guests attending your wedding from out of town will appreciate summer nuptials because their children are out of school and it is the perfect excuse for a vacation. Along with the hot weather summer brides need to act cool and look fresh all the while the temperature rises.

We all know how unattractive sweat stains and are, especially on your wedding dress so it’s always a good idea to pack an extra antiperspirant in your handbag so you can reapply it throughout the day. Melting foundation from sweating can leave streaks on your face; one idea is to go a little lighter with your make up in the summertime to avoid the melting result. Summer sun and heat can also wreak havoc on your hair especially if you’re prone to curl outbreaks. Wear your hair pulled back or in a sleek updo to keep cool and if you’re wearing it down, use a humidity control product to avoid the frizzies.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, don’t forget the sunscreen. Sun burnt, blotchy spots will not good in the wedding photos. Using the restroom for any bride is a bit of a hassle, however make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during the day to avoid nausea or dizziness later on at night. Another idea is to consider taking the party inside, having the reception indoors will keep your guests cool, however you can still take photos outside and consider giving your guests a fan or an umbrella as a gift it will help them beat the heat and look great in photos.

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