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Strictly Bridal

Strictly Bridal’s Interview With Young Modelling Sensation Sharday!

By October 23, 2012 No Comments

Modelling for Strictly Bridal at “The Brides Day Out”

Modelling Bridal Couture can be a daunting experience for a model. And it is also a amazing job at the same time! Strictly Bridal caught up with young Gold Coast model Sharday to get her insight into working at a large scale bridal event after she appeared on the runway for The Strictly Bridal “Brides Day Out this last month…

1. Sharday, this was your first time modelling Bridal Couture tell us about some of the differences as compared to a regular fashion show and what are some of the challenges?

I think the main difference definatly had to be the variation between the outfits and the type of catwalk. A bridal gown has a sense of awe, grace & romance about it on the runway as opposed to a sharp, strong and bold high fashion catwalk. I found it very effortless to have the sense on elegance whilst modelling bridal couture. It’s every girls dream to wear a breathtaking gorgeous gown so it came very naturally to me. The only challenge I found was trying not to stumble on the catwalk in the longer wedding gowns with a train; thankfully that didn’t happen.

2.How did you handle your quick changes?

Great! The changes were made very easy as backstage I had a lovely lady allocated to helping me change between each bridal gown. As soon as I came off the catwalk the next gown was ready and waiting for me to just step into. Without that help it would have been alot more difficult.

3. What was your favourite part of the Strictly Bridal Brides Day Out Experience?

My favorite part would definatly have to be the finale. Being on the runway with the other nine models in our exquisite finale bridal gowns and the three beautiful flower girls throwing rose petals in the air. Having the amazingly talented designer Ann Wilson walk onto the runway out to the acknowledgement of all the future brides sitting in the crowd all in admiration of the couture bridal gowns that I got to model. A moment never to be forgotten.

4. When you get married one day what type of Bridal gown would you choose for yourself?

That would definatly have to be the finale dress I wore. Ann Wilson’s stunning design called ‘Bella’ is everything I would want in a bridal gown. A fairytale princess dress. Strapless with a tight bodice with hand sewn swarovski crystals that sparkle in any light. A classic ballgrown skirt with so much layered tulle you look and feel like Cinderella with her glass slippers on.


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Our founder and designer Ann Wilson creates high-end luxurious runway looks that cater to all styles and preferences. Each gown is personally designed in Australia by Ann herself, and through her clever design and sharp cutting each has the signature 'Ann Wilson perfect fit'. She ensures only the highest quality fabrics and materials are used, coupled with superior construction and carefully hand-sewn embellishments.

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