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Make Me Up: Healthy beauty habits for brides to be.

By December 5, 2012 No Comments

All brides to be are excited about their upcoming wedding and take months in preparation for their special day.Here are some easy, healthy steps you can take now for radiant beauty results by the time you walk down the aisle. You might already practice some of these great habits and others will fit seamlessly into your existing beauty routine.

1. Drink more water- We hear this all the time, right? For several reasons it is to our benefits to drink water through out the day. Water flushes out toxins by purifying the liver, it clears up skin, help organs absorb nutrients, and aids in metabolism. Win all around!

2. Take a daily multi-vitamin- First and foremost, the best thing you can do is have a healthy diet but with busy lives we know all too well that it’s not always easy to do so, thats where a multi-vitamin comes in. Look for one that has antioxidant powerhouses like vitamins B6, C, E, A as well as iron and Omega-3 fatty acids which help maintain skin’s suppleness and strengthen hair. All-in-one awesomeness!

3. Moisturize- Replace lost moisture and repair damaged hair with a weekly deep conditioning hair mask, whether homemade with coconut oil and avocado (apply 2 tbls coconut oil and 1/2 avocado, mashed, to dry hair and leave on for 20 min, then rinse) or store-bought like It’s a 10 miracle hair mask. Get those shiny locks you’ve always aimed for!

4. Repair- We all have those aspects about our skin that we want to change, right? Now is the time to make those changes happen and the fun part? Things in your pantry can help! Mix nutmeg (as an exfoliator) or baking soda for oily/acne prone skin with dairy milk (for the lactic acid which helps break down dead skin cells) until it forms a thick paste. Apply onto clean, dry skin and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse and pat dry. Ta-da, instant spa facial at home!

5. Color/ Highlight hair 2-4 weeks before wedding- this way the color is perfect for the day and has a more natural look/color and in case you hate the outcome there is time for changes to be made.

6. Tan starting 3 months prior to wedding date- you don’t want to get overly tan or red. Therefore, give your skin time to adjust to the tanning bed. If using self tanner, make sure you use the product at least 3 weeks before to see results before wedding day and have time to learn best applying techniques.

7. Have a hair and make-up trail 3 weeks prior- this will allow time for both make-up artist and hairstylist to get all the products needed for your wedding day and allows time to have another trail if you did not like the first one.

8. DO NOT use new skin products within the month of wedding- If you start using new products your skin may have a reaction and then it could last until wedding day.

9. Consult wedding hairstylist about prepping hair for day of wedding- Everybody has a different hair type and your hairstylist should give you advice on the best way to prep your hair before he/she comes in to create your bridal day look.

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