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How to choose a Champagne for your wedding!

By August 13, 2012 No Comments

Champagne for the Wedding: How and How Much to Choose.

Wedding are made up of numerous questions and options, one of these is what Champagne to choose. It is a very special choice, one of which you’ll be remembering for years to come and every time you pop that particular bottle. Depending on where you live, your budget and number of guests attending the options are either vast or perhaps daunting. You may or may not have the option of choosing champagnes for your wedding, depending on your caterer or venue manager. But if you do plan to play sommelier for your wedding reception,here are some simple tips and advise.

Here are 5 quick tips to help bring out your inner sommelier.

1.Know your audience: Think of your guest list as you make decisions. Does everyone drink champagne? Or will perhaps the younger crowd (especially the men) choose a beer instead? Knowing whether or not you’re serving a champagne loving crowd will help you determine how much time to spend choosing.

2.Choose a champagne, your wedding is all about celebration, and so is champagne. So be sure you have enough on hand to have at least one toast. Try to buy the best you can afford  after all, you’ll be toasting your future annerversaries with it. If you’re worried about affordability, here’s a money-saving tip: Have the waiters fill the glasses only halfway. As they’re pouring, the bubbles will fill to the brim anyway, then settle down, leaving a half-full glass. The truth is that not everyone loves champagne, so offering several sips at first is more than enough for most of your guests. Those who want more can get refills later. 

3.Remember, too much is just enough: When it comes to wedding champagne, it’s best to have too much than too little. Your average champagne bottle will produce four to six glasses, allow half a bottle per person, even if that sounds like a lot. Some guests will drink that much however  most won’t. 

4.Limit automatic refills: Ask your waiters not to refill glasses, especially toward the end of the reception, without asking guests permission if they would like some more first. That way, you’ll limit wasted champagne sitting untouched on tables.

5.Choose the right supplier: Look around for a alcohol merchant who may allow you to return unopened bottles (and don’t let the waiters open all the bottles at once early in the party!). If you can’t find one, there are plenty of other uses for leftover wine and champagne: as gifts for special guests, to start a wine cellar in your new home, to save for your first anniversary bash … or perhaps your 5th 10th 20th anniversary’s after that. Because like good marriages good quality champagnes also improve with time.


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