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After the Wedding: Bridal Gown Care.

By November 29, 2012 No Comments

Several Strictly Bridal clients have asked us the best way to care for or preserve their gown.  Many bridal gowns are made of delicate silks and therefore require extra special care.  Whether you’re keeping your dress in your closet, or planning to preserve it, these care tips can help.

General Care:

Hang in a dry place and leave your dress bag on for protection. Hang your dress up high so that the bottom isn’t sitting on the floor.Always use care when zipping your dress.  Remember, many dress fabrics are delicate and can be damaged if a zipper is twisted or yanked.  Dying to put that dress on one more time before you preserve it?  Have someone else zip your dress for you – if your hand is twisted to get the zipper in the back, you are likely twisting the actual zipper and could break it.


Simply put – DRY CLEAN ONLY. If you get a stain on your dress, don’t touch it!  Take it to the cleaners 100% of the time….and not just any cleaners, take it to a quality cleaners.


If you aren’t planning to have your dress professionally preserved, you should still have it professionally cleaned.  You can save money by pressing it yourself.

Rules to ironing:

1.  Fabrics safe to iron:  Raw silk, all taffeta’s, satin, dress linings (except silk charmeuse).

2.  Make sure your iron is clean.

3.  Always start the iron on a low setting.  You can turn it up little by little if it’s not getting the wrinkles out.  If the iron starts to feel “sticky” on the fabric, it’s too hot.

4.  Iron the lining and the dress separately to be most effective.


Rules to Steaming:

1.  Steam dresses made of lightweight silks like chiffon, charmeuse, and crepe.

2.  Make sure to use the proper type of water your steamer calls for.  Some call for distilled water, and others call for a combination of distilled and tap.

3.  Always hold the handle so that the steam flows upward.  This will often keep the steam from dripping or ‘spitting’, and will steam the dress more effectively.

4.  Steam each layer of your dress separately for best results.


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Our founder and designer Ann Wilson creates high-end luxurious runway looks that cater to all styles and preferences. Each gown is personally designed in Australia by Ann herself, and through her clever design and sharp cutting each has the signature 'Ann Wilson perfect fit'. She ensures only the highest quality fabrics and materials are used, coupled with superior construction and carefully hand-sewn embellishments.

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